Singapore's Leadership Crisis

and What You Can Do About It!

Join us for a FREE 2-Hour Leadership Seminar and learn the latest strategies, techniques and systems to guarantee you a competitive edge and accelerate your success.

Wednesday, Jan 22, 7-9pm

The St. Regis Hotel, Singapore


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Singapore's biggest challenge is your opportunity!

Dear Leader & Change Agent,  

If you lead a team, business, or organization of people, now is the time to take charge!

The biggest challenge facing Singapore is the unprecedented lack of Personal Leadership within our public and private sector organisations. And Personal Leadership is required at all levels; from executives, directors, managers, team members, workers and professionals.  

“…we need leaders who can articulate a compelling vision that will truly inspire Singaporeans and mobilize them to achieve their best…” - Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong

Most people when hearing the words “leader or leadership” assume that the reference is to the people at the top – in the power positions with authority and not the individual people who make up the organisation.  

Personal Leadership is about the individual taking responsibility for a problem, and the solution.  

What is in the way of individuals stepping into Personal Leadership?

This is the biggest challenge! People are so afraid of making mistakes, that they won’t take the risk of being responsible and accountable at the same time (most people inaccurately see responsibility as another way of saying “blame” – or who is “at fault” when things go wrong.)  

Combine this with the fear of losing FACE and you have people who won’t speak up – even though they know the solution! 

To be successful in the future requires organisations that are comprised of responsible, productive and risk-taking individuals who demonstrate the qualities of true Personal Leadership – and who aren’t afraid to speak up.  

Most people do not understand what this requires, neither do they have the skills, attitude or support to make the transition.

These skills, education, and support are now available in Singapore.

After working with more than 100,000 people we developed a system to explain why personal leadership is the solution, what the potential benefits are and how to overcome the limitations and blocks that get in the way.

Most of the currently available leadership education only addresses part of the picture and doesn’t solve the real long-term problem. This lack of effective solutions lead us to develop an innovative and highly usable set of tools, and a curriculum of educational and support programs that range from a 2-Hour Leadership Seminar to a 12-Month Leaders’ Academy that transforms individual and team performance.

FREE 2-Hour Leadership Seminar  

Join us for a remarkable 2-Hour Seminar packed with innovative and new solutions that are guaranteed to improve your results and performance. Partners and teams are encouraged to attend together.

In just 2 hours you will learn the latest leadership strategies, techniques and systems to guarantee you a competitive edge and accelerate your success. Combining the best of classic leadership with the new rules, you will solve even the most difficult challenges!  


You will receive the seminar, gourmet food, a 45-page workbook, slides, interactive "how to do it" as well as meet new like-minded friends. It is FREE, so you have nothing to lose.  

You will learn how to apply Goldzone's Visionary Leadership model to boost your effectiveness dramatically. People will respond to you in ways you can only imagine. Resistance will melt. Creativity will increase. Old problems that have bothered you for ages will suddenly become easy to fix.  

Infuse your life, career, relationships, and business with PASSION. Find your purpose and live it!  

Full of dynamic content you won't see anywhere else; this seminar is fun as well as informative. In just 2-hours you will learn how Personal Leadership can multiply your results by 400% to 1,600%.  

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Time to Take Charge!

Andrew John Harrison - Goldzone

Become a Visionary!

Our Mission is to Make Leadership Fun and Sexy!

Inspire, Engage, Attract, and Motivate!

Step Up to The Challenge!

Learn the #1 Skill to Win More and Fail Less!

Learn the Best of Classic Leadership + New Rules!

Solve Your Biggest Leadership Challenges!

Join this FREE 2-Hour GOLDZONE Leadership Seminar and Accelerate Your Success!

The St. Regis Hotel, Singapore


Thinking like an employee is so old school!

Today's leaders may be employed by a company or organization, however, they think like owners, investors, and stakeholders.

If you want to accelerate your income, Personal Leadership are absolutely manditory.

If you want to get where you are going faster, working harder is not the answer! Tap the power of sustainable, exponential growth.

This requires a different way of thinking! Intuition, emotion, and influence are more valuable than who you know and what you have done in the past!

Measurable and tangible results! While there is no guarantee your results will match these, you can be assured that Goldzone's Leadership Systems have a remarkable track record of producing impressive results.

Some client results include:

> Young entrepreneur raised more than $300,000 in capital for business expansion.

> The Managing Director of a pizza company saved $400,000 in operating expenses.

> Finance professional changes career to follow their passion, buys a business and raises $8 million in capital from investors.

> A troubled 20-year marriage avoided divorce and the loss of more than $2 million each.

> Entrepreneur develops a hobby into a business that is valued at $25 million.

> A doctor changed jobs to focus on a different career path and more than tripled their income.

> Small business owner restructures and saves $600,000 in taxes over ten years.

> Middle-aged professional does a full physical checkup and as a result, receives life-saving medical treatment.

> Veteran senior executive found the courage to retire and follow their passion.

> Team of professionals and entrepreneurs with no experience secure $25 million in capital from investors.

> Ph.D. and business owner realized how much their health had suffered and transformed their energy with Optimum Nutrition.

> Senior director with diabetes was able to dramatically reduce their blood sugar level and medication in a few days by making changes to their diet.

> Business owner saved a $500,000 deal that was on the rocks.

> Veteran medical specialist achieved a dramatic reduction in long-term back pain by making small changes after discovering the real cause of their misery.

> Medical professional who experienced chronic tiredness and afternoon sleepiness, solved their energy issues in a matter of days. No more afternoon naps!

> Couple with three children moved countries to a new culture to follow their dreams.

> Young entrepreneur used Goldzone's leadership principles to make $200,000 in two weeks.

> Terminal cancer patient discovers a new purpose in life and makes the most of their time left.

> Professional from the IT industry, discovers their passion and purpose, and changes career to do what matters to them most.

> Business manager was able to raise project capital and get back their educational investment, even before the actual program began.

Join us for the FREE 2-Hour Seminar - it will be the best investment of your time!

When Harrison speaks, people listen. A riveting, and memorable public speaker and master communicator.

Andrew John Harrison

Co-Founder of the Goldzone Group, Artist, Designer, Educator, Entrepreneur. My quest for the best of life has taken me to 54 countries. Harrison created this seminar to give success-minded leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors a fresh perspective!

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Authentic. Knowledgeable. Inspirational. Rest assured that your Leader is fun, engaging and well worth your time!

Victoria Dior Wang

Managing Director, Global Leadership Systems Pte. Ltd, and Director of Singapore Leadership Centre Pte. Ltd., Aurume Ventures Pte. Ltd., Australian Leadership Systems Pty. Ltd. and Goldzone Wellness Center Pte. Ltd.

Join this FREE 2-Hour GOLDZONE Leadership Seminar and Accelerate Your Success!

The St. Regis Hotel, Singapore

In Just 2 Exciting Hours, You Will Learn How To:

  • Get more done in less time.
  • Improve your results by 400% to 1,600%, guaranteed!
  • Get people to do exactly what you want, happily!
  • Dramatically reduce your stress.
  • Work fewer hours and get more done.
  • Solve the toughest people challenges.
  • Get the entire team to own their SUCCESS!
  • Attract, retain and motivate the best people!
  • Unlearn old ideas that no longer work.
  • Learn which of the 7 Types of Leader you are.
  • Learn how to lead the 7 Types of Followers.
  • Know with certainty which person is impossible to lead, and what to do with them.
  • Use leadership to increase your income in less time, with less effort!

Imagine the possibilities to differentiate yourself and your organization from everyone else.  

Most leadership books, seminars, and training focus on skills and techniques of famous leaders and how you can do the same as them. This system is different. You are different. The magic of a system is it works every time, so you don't have to!  

Together we will look at the 20 different Areas of Your Leadership Potential and measure just how much your success could improve with a few small adjustments. The average leader identifies a minimum of a 627% improvement!  

You will leave the seminar with tools you can apply right away and see results immediately.

It is impossible to think of new ideas, creative and innovative solutions that defy old ways of doing things if we are afraid of making mistakes.  

Leading a team of creative talent is very different from leading a bunch of workers who are compliance based and will do what you tell them to because they are afaid of upsetting you, or worse losing their jobs.  

You cannot command creativity!

The key to transforming your personal, leadership, partnership, team and organization's results is to use a LEADERSHIP SYSTEM that solves the #1 Challenge of most leaders:


Join this FREE 2-Hour GOLDZONE Leadership Seminar and Accelerate Your Success!

The St. Regis Hotel, Singapore

"Through interactive and fun exercises, this 2-hour seminar changed my notion of what leadership truly is! it is comprehensive, easy to understand and apply, very creative, and empowering! 

The seminar touches various levels of leadership engagement, the keys to lead, as well as Goldzone's Leadership System. It allows me to be the best leader I can be and to create better results in my life!"

"Wow! The experience was so amazing and scintillating. I got all my answers in 2 hours. I was feeling on top of the world. 

I got to learn insights on how to manage different kinds of personalities and to be a leader whatever I do. My communication skills improved with stakeholders and I felt so much more confident in my day to day life."

"I highly recommend the seminar. The content is about what I want and how to have better results. Especially seeing how improving one area (say communication) in life can make a huge difference in many areas. 

I found it very easy to follow and beautifully illustrated. The 2 hours is the start of the best investment in yourself anyone can make"

"I was amazed by how profound the concept of leadership is. I learnt so many new concepts just within the 2 hours. Powerful. Amazing. Highly recommended if you are looking for something to improve your life in every aspect."

"Wow! What an amazing 2 hours. My brain was buzzing with new information and ah ha moments; I learnt how simple changes could dramatically improve my life. Simply the best!"

"The seminar offers bold new insights into what leadership and being a leader is about. The best part of what learnt is how leadership plays a pivotal role in business, career and intimate relationships. The speaker walks the talk and expresses concepts in an easy to understand way. I highly encourage anyone who aspires to be a better leader to attend; you are in the right place."

Accelerate Your Success with Goldzone's Leadership System!

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